World of Luxxologie

Luxxologie is an Indian fashion house, and the embodiment of transcendence past limitations associated with tradition, elegance and style.

Unmistakably heritage elements of dedicated craftsmanship and pure fabrics align with contemporary refinement to provide answers that emerge from decades of successfully reinterpreting polish and timelessness. Oneness among skilled artisans and talented artists imbue our garments with a notorious elusiveness, presenting an ideal that one can attain beauty that is ephemeral, but with the most dedicated conception, it can last forever.

The creative director has an illustrious history of collaborating with leading designers and nationally celebrated artisans. She focuses on curated garments that redefine understated elegance for women in the many roles they play, and capabilities they exhibit.

Design that transforms to be appropriate in every occasion- be it travel, business, or the day-to-day, is the essence of Luxxologie